About San Diego Antique Slot Machines

I Restore Antique Slot Machines

I can restore any California legal Slot Machine to its original glory. Don't settle for less than top quality on your investment.


About San Diego Antique Slots

San Diego John's company has a well known and respected reputation for having some of the best slot machines at some of the best prices found anywhere.


John's prices are generally between $200 and $1500 below the going rates in Las Vegas but John's quality is often far above industry standards.


The collection is housed in the Hayes Family Museum located in San Diego California where they are cared for and respected.


When a company is founded upon one mans love for Antique Slots not a longing for profit it's clients are bound to reep the bennefits.


Thank you for your support and for making this passion so successful.










At San Diego Antique Slot Machines I buy, sell, repair, restore and customize Antique Slot Machines using original manufacturer parts and techniques
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